Our Donors

Our Foundation Donors are making contributions towards projects that improve the life of our seniors at Niagara Ina Grafton Gage Village in St. Catharines and Stone Road Village in Niagara on the lake.  

We are grateful for all donations and would like to recognize our top donors each year here on the website.

Special Recognition

This year we have a special recognition for a past resident Pamela Gadd who left a significant gift to the foundation in her will.  

Pamela Gadd (June 21, 1929 – May 28, 2022)

Pamela was born in England but emigrated to Canada in 1958.  She worked for the Toronto Department of Health as a laboratory assistant until a move to St. Catharines in 1963 brought her to the Horticultural Research Station to work as a technician. 

While living at Ina Grafton, Pamela was an active volunteer helping with many programs and most notably the Satellite Meal Service packaging meals for local Meals on Wheels programs.  She was devoted to her faith and her friends here Carol Cummings and Yvonne Mills.  Her short bread cookies were renowned, she was funny, quick witted and a really great whistler! 

Eventually when her medical needs increased and she required more care, she moved to Garden City Manor where she remained until her passing.   Pamela is missed and her generous gift to our Foundation will have a long lasting impact to our seniors.  

2023 Donors List

Adolph & Marie Eckstein
Agnes Pauls
Alfred Harland
Alfred W. Staines
Allen Warkentine
Andrea Paradis
Andrew Spowart
Ann Basalyga
Ann Dunbar
Anna O’Brien
Barb O’Connor
Barbara C. MacDonald
Barbara Whittard
Beatrice Behrends
Bernard & Margaret Cox
Beverley Whitwell
Bob & Janet Tanouye
Bob & Jean Gruhl
Canada Helps.Org
Carol Dykes
Catherine McGrath
Charles & Jeanne Dupuis
Christina Walker
Clara Kornelsen
Clifford & Olive Lee
Connie Scott
Cynthia Wheatley
Dale Unruh
Deanna Orr
Debra MacFarlane
Dennis & Shirley Holroyd
Donald & Jane Hurson
Donna Brix
Donna Tucker
Dora Drennan
Doreen Jackson
Doreen Cumpson
Dorothy Irwin
Doug & Margaret Lynn
Douglas Coote
Elaine Garvie
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Smith
Ellen Carter
Ethel Foster
Eva Muehlenbeck
Evelyn Harling
Fiona MacLeod
Francoise Quenneville
Frank Richardson
Genevieve Allison
George & Carol Pentland
George Darte Funeral Home
George Warren Irvine
George Vaccaro
Gerald & Judith Dunsford
Ghyslaine Brewer
Glen Parker
Glenda Kerrigan
Gordon & Pat Kerr
Gordon Dueck
Hazel Janzen
Hazel McGraw
Helen Cratt
Helen Martens
Helen Skwarok
Hertha Susgin
Hugh & Lillian Hutton
Ian Adams
Ian Cameron
Icylda Wilson-Baird
Irene Blokhuis
Jack & Colleen Kyle
Jack & Pat Abbs
Jack Reynolds
Jacqueline Swain
Jan Tanouye
Jane McLaren
Janet Groombridge
Janet Hanna
Jean Brett
Jim & Helen Morimoto
Joan McKnight
Joan Salton
Joe Vanderkooj
John & Martha Ward
John Senn
Josephine Blechinger
Josephine Wilhelm
Joyce Gilchrist
Joyce Kirsch
Joyce Lawrence
Joyce McClelland
June Gill
Karen Smith
Kathleen Priest
Kathryn Kowal
Ken & Mary Willms
Ken Grosskurth
Kenneth Fee
Kenneth Hummell
Larry & Sharon Fretz
Larry Downes
Leslie Nash
Lillian Pyke

Linda A. Potter (Estate of)
Linda Stewart
Lois Anderson
Mabel Kramer
Madeline Dick
Margaret Berridge
Margaret Buis
Margaret Joan Wheatley
Margaret Massey
Margaret Stimson
Margaretha Hambrock
Marie Boisvert
Marilyn Robinson
Marlene LaForge
Mary Cummings
Mary Willms
Maryanne Larrivee
Maureen Hagley
Maureen Peskett
Mayann Larrivee
Michelle Renaud
Mioara Domkos
Muriel French
Muriel Richard
Nancy Dupas
Norma Wagget
Pam Gadd (Estate of)
Patricia Nichols
Paul Chapman
Peter & Elizabeth Gauthier
Peter Hartwell & Jane Dagg
Phillip & Elaine Landray
Rita Steele
Robert & Suzanne Luey
Robert Benjamin
Robyn Moore
Rock & Fran Corriveau
Rosalea Ernst
Sandra Ross
Shane Szumowski
Sharie Hall
Sharon Colli
St. John’s Ukrainian Church
Stephanie Grattan
Steve Puerston
Sylvia Grossman
Ted & Jennie Smulski
Thomas & Diane Crawford
Ursula I. Keller
Vince & Lynda Purpura
Viola and Gerald Keba
Violet Wherry
Virginia Lovelace
William & Aafke Murray
Wolfgang & Whilhelmena Puersten